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Industrial Machinery

We put maximum priority on user-friendliness during design and development.
The quality of our products has been highly evaluated.

This is our new field of business, separated from the fields of automobiles and aluminum. Based on the technology and know-how accumulated in those two fields, we provide automation and labor-saving in all processes while retaining product quality and cost performance. We are able to improve customers’ profits and production efficiency, and solve their problems for the renovation of their business.

Thread Cutting/ Removal Devices

Thread Cutting/ Removal Devices

Devices for cutting and removing threads from paper rolls, bobbins, jaw bobbins and resin tubes without damaging them, for recycling.

Paper roll thread removal device

Bobbin thread removal device

Jaw bobbin thread removal device



Custom-made conveyors according to the product.

Roller conveyor

Belt conveyor

Threading conveyor

Special conveyor

Palletizing Devices

Palletizing Devices

Devices for unloading products from conveyors and carts and stacking and packing them, updating manufacturing systems according to the need.

Transfer Devices

Transfer Devices

Custom-made transfer systems utilising loaders and AGVs, that take into account the weight and shape of materials and transfer speeds, enabling optimal transfer for any plant layout.

Reject device

Roll transfer device

Automated guided vehicle (AGV)

Carbon Fiber Processing Equipment

Carbon fiber cutter

Carbon fiber sheet stacker

Carbon fiber inspection device