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From stand-alone equipment to entire automated production line systems – our expertise meets the technological specifications demanded in the world today.

Our product range covers a wide range of devices for manufacturing systems, from conveyors and machines to entire transfer and assembly systems for production lines. We are able to respond flexibly to various customer needs, due to the wealth of experience and expertise accumulated during our history. We also offer precision refinement and downsizing of devices, as well as labour-saving processes and consistent quality in manufactured products.

Gantry Loader

Gantry Loader

Max. operation speed (Travel)


Max. operation speed (Lift)


Max. transfer weight


We offer travel sections without cable carriers, making maintenance work easy. Loader beams can be extended and cable carriers can be added easily, and numerical control systems, motor-driven hands without the need of pneumatic devices, and hand changers are available according to the need. The arm shifting (Y-axis) function has shortened installation time greatly, and the temperature control function prevents displacement in stopping positions due to temperature change.

Loader without cable carriers (Patented)

Swing-hand single arm loader

Two-handed tandem arm loader

Large-scale loader for heavy products

Slide-arm loader

Transfer Devices(Conveyors, etc.)

Transfer Devices (Conveyors, etc.)

Devices for automatically transferring products between manufacturing processes.

Pallet stacking conveyor (Patented)

Roller conveyor

Pitch-feed chain conveyor
(variable chain pitch)

Pick & Place work stocker

Rotary stocker

Horizontal turning device

Turnover device

Assembly Machines

Assembly Machines

Product assembly machines for use in automobile engine manufacturing lines.

Con-rod cap assembling machine

Block bearing cap assembling machine

Sealing bolt assembling machine

Press-fitting machine

Measuring / Marking Devices

Measuring / Marking Devices

Devices for measuring, marking and categorizing.

Journal outer-diameter measuring device

Shaft length measuring device

Housing inner-diameter measuring device

Leak tester device

2D laser marking device

Ultrasonic dot marking device

Marking reader device

Robot Handling System

Robot Handling System

Compatible with various manufacturers' robots (including vision sensors).

Raw material loading device

Material sensing/ pickup device

Robotic stocker

Parts handling system

Finished work stocker