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Aluminum Processing

We adapt to market needs.
Our production capability enables us to provide cost-effective solutions and quick delivery.

Through the design, manufacture and installation of manufacturing systems, both new and modified, we find solutions to various challenges and provide technological innovation. We also have a proven track record in providing various standalone machines and transfer devices; in particular, we have abundant experience and know-how in equipment related to extruded aluminum products. We respond to customers’ requests flexibly with low cost solutions and short delivery timeframes.

Extruded Material Handling Equipment

Extruded Material Handling Equipment

We have abundant experience in performing the design to assembly of post-processing systems for extruded products.

Platen cutter

Work table

(Compatible with various clamp shapes)

Measuring stopper

Water spray cooling device



Servo-driven pullers that utilise wire rope, with the fastest retraction speed in Japan.

Retraction speed: 400m/ min
(Fastest in Japan)

Tensile strength: 0.1kN ~ 1.24kN

Double puller

Self-propelled single puller

Automatic Stacking Systems

Automatic Stacking Systems

Devices for trouble-free, quick and secure stacking of measured and cut products onto the racks.

Normal stacking / Stair stacking

Transport load: Max. 200kg



We perform the manufacturing of conveyors of various types according to the production line, and the design of entire transfer systems according to the customer’s needs.

Rack conveyor

Rack stacker

Rack transfer device

Billet Cutting Lines

Billet Cutting Lines

Devices for cutting billets and returning long billets into the stocker, which can also handle materials of multiple types and in small quantities.

Stair stocker for billets

Billet supply device
(Compatible with stair stockers)

Billet pusher device

Billet brushing device

Other Aluminum-related Equipment

Other Aluminum-related Equipment

We endeavour to create various useful devices for aluminum processing.

Roll correction line

Roll collection machine

Scrap shear

Die detachment device

400-ton precision hydraulic press